Santiago Jaramillo - Co-founder and General Partner


About Santiago

Santiago Jaramillo is a Co-founder and General Partner at the venture capital firm Paramo Partners. He is a creator and builder, focused on connecting divergent thoughts and assembling cultures that enable impactful teams.

Santiago played a pivotal role in the creation and leadership of a variety of ventures. He was instrumental in the development of Bunny Studio, an API-first service platform, from its inception in 2012 until 2023. Under his guidance as COO —and later as CEO, the company grew from its initial stages to achieve multimillion-dollar monthly revenues. Prior to it, he ran two written-off ed-tech companies, Talent Surfers in 2012 and Smart Learning from 2009 to 2012. In 2019, he co-founded Emma Group, a venture studio dedicated to reimagining the future of work, where he served as its initial CEO. The studio had 60 million in assets under management, and made a significant impact by scaling and exiting Voice123, which was acquired by BackStage in 2021. He remained as a Partner of the group until 2023.

Santiago is an Endeavor Entrepreneur. He holds a BS in Economics from Universidad de los Andes.