Rolf Veldman - Co-founder and General Partner


About Rolf

Rolf Veldman is co-founder of - and general partner at - the venture capital firm Paramo Partners. He is an entrepreneurial historian who has been involved in several successful business ventures.

Rolf is the CEO of Voice123 where he not only leads a widely diverse and globally remote team, but is also tasked with the ethical integration of AI audio solutions that will shape the future of the entertainment industry. After successfully securing an exit for Voice123 in 2021, Rolf has been dedicating his time to kickstarting Paramo Partners, serving as M&A advisor to companies in different life cycles.

His passion for product building is underscored by his hobbies, where he ideates and crafts innovative solutions for both board games and cycling.

Rolf Veldman has a Master’s Degree in American Political History and the influence of Media on Public Discourse.