Companies that we like

Companies that we like

Our focus is finance and regulation technology. Moreover, our current fund focuses on the Latam region. We believe both LPs and entrepreneurs have more gains from specialized funds. *Our first fund focused on founders solving problems in Latam in a wide range of areas.

Pre seed & seed:

👉 A balanced founding team with different building skills.

👉 A simple business model.

👉 In-house technology development.

👉 Products with revenue — or close to revenue.

👉 A market with scaling opportunities.

Series A:

👉 High margins.

👉 A unique advantage.

👉 A simple business model.

👉 Healthy profits.

👉 Successful operations.

👉 A high quality team.

👉 A positive and ethical approach.

A note on AI

AI will be part of every businesses. We don’t define our investment thesis based on “ai-first products”, as we understand that best businesses will own big data sets, while leveraging existing models. Every good business is and will be inertly a big-data company.

A note on regulations

We like working with founders who have done their homework understanding their regulations and the opportunities it brings.

If you're not sure your business fits the bill, send it to us anyway. We'll let you know within a couple of days.

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