Paramo Partners

At Paramo Partners, we support wonderful businesses through experience, capital and a large network of experts.

We are builders investing in other builders. For more than fifteen years, we’ve built internet products and brands. We’ve gone through the full circle of starting companies: we’ve hired the right people, we’ve cut the underperforming experiment, and we’ve had the hard conversation —multiple times. We’ve ran vc-backed businesses and we’ve also bootstrapped them. We’ve met the good investor, and we’ve met the not so friendly partner. We’ve crashed a couple of businesses, paid the rent with others, and scaled a couple of them to multimillion dollar global operations with honey-flavored exits. Above all, we’ve had our good times making life-lasting friendships and partnerships. Our journey of building has been nothing but rewarding. We’ve built Paramo as a vehicle to support other founders in their growth journey, while assembling great teams and enabling impactful cultures. Wherever we may be of use, we love assisting them in scaling their operations to longterm businesses.

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Paramo Partners operates from São Paulo, Bogotá, and Amsterdam.